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Feeding Rishikesh is apolitical and lovingly serves people of all faiths

The Feeding Rishikesh Team

Our team consists of numerous volunteers and salaried employees, including cooks, teachers, cleaning staff, and tech support experts, who are working in the various wings of our project.
Our cooks are working fulltime to prepare and serve fresh hot meals to the poor on a daily basis. The Shakti School of Arts for Girls also has a cook, who prepares a nourishing meal for the students each day.  
Our team members go through the poorest communities, visiting the houses of the those we serve, to determine who truly has no means to make a living, and to find those who have special needs. We always give priority to elderly women, single mothers with children, and those with handicaps. 
The various subjects offered in the Shakti School of Arts for Girls are taught by teachers with expertise in the subject. The teachers may be international volunteers or teachers from within the Rishikesh community. The subjects taught are English, dance, music, art and yoga, and also sports such as volleyball. Self-defense classes will be incorporated soon. 
Our staff is also in charge of taking children from our programs to the hospital, in case a medical need arises, and buying medicine for them when necessary. They are also required to make clear records of any help provided.
At times we collaborate with other charitable organizations, sharing our knowledge and resources so that more people can be served.